Ibrahim Waheed “Kalaavehi”

“Hello! How are you?” Exquisite words breathed out by millions worldwide, hinting at a sense of connection if not connectivity, words so breathlessly meaningful when said right! Words uttered under cherry trees and cedars, by placid lakes and erupting geysers, on coral isles and rocky hills. Words always enveloping listeners in comforting blankets of soft proximity and caring. Words sometimes sung as a consecrated chant at the altar of love. “Are you OK, dear? Happy, honey?”

Words echoing emptily off the bare walls of the very small room holding its tired single bed prisoner under faded bedclothes and a saggy mattress. Words oozing dully out of a nondescript phone to inevitably die into cobwebby shadows at his tired feet. Words meant to breathe life into his lonely soul at the droopy tail end of yet another gray day of solitary alienation in an alien land.

“I am OK, I guess! A little bit lonely in this busy little place. But nothing that cannot be dealt with. Who knows? Tomorrow might be my lucky day. They promised me an interview.” Sometimes a little up-front explanation, a little risky sharing, is good for the soul. Especially after a hard day’s work looking for a job in a market saturated with the local, the home-grown and the imported. “How are you feeling tonight, honey?”

Words of heartfelt concern that can perform no physically measurable action, words empty of action but pregnant with cerebral meaning. Words of intimate anxiety, words of that could weld two forlorn souls into the hardest of bonds and the sweetest of fetters.

“I am doing well, my dear. As long as you call me every night, I am happy. Your happiness is my reason for living, the purpose of my very existence. Your calls keep my body and soul together.” The affectionate language of supreme devotion. “How long do you think you can keep on like this in that cruel little place? My heart goes out to you. How is your health?”

Words that can keep a man going well past the terminal velocity of freefall if unheeded. Words that can reverse any freefall and lift a man’s superego and psyche into geosynchronous orbit around the personalized source of love and caring, understanding and sharing, fulfilling the basic truth of every dream. Words so light and free, yet so supremely meaningful.

“I guess I am doing well, given the circumstances. Just a couple of tired feet and the just a hint of an annoying little headache creeping up the back of my neck. But the greater problem is this strange feeling of emptiness welling up in me. I feel almost disembodied from the physical being that has to be me. If only I can get some more time, some encouragement from someone who cared deeply about me, I could carry this burden on my shoulders. If the pain in my side subsides…….” He shared his woes and desires with her. He wanted to. He needed to.

“If only I can be with you, I would hold your face in my hands and gently massage your head till the headache went away. I would wet your lips with my tears and dry them with my eyelashes. I would hold your hand all night and look at the hard work that comes flowing out of them. I would kiss your feet so that they may fly on wings tomorrow.” Her voice, husky and gentle in its divine softness soothed his inner spirit into submission, his body adjusting accordingly.

Words so powerfully moving, and yet… somehow too good to be true. Words that would lose their charge as the day wore on tomorrow. Words that would need to be replaced tomorrow. He put the phone down.

The phone rang again and he picked it up, immediately. Because he knew by heart the robotized words that would flow out of the earpiece. “Your last personalized call from Lonely Souls Inc. cost 27 Rufiyaa 34 Laari. To pay by our pre-paid credit facility, press One. To pay by credit card press Two. To pay by……….”

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  • ldive  On October 28, 2010 at 6:50 pm

    “Touching is good! Share it!” Lol!

  • Naseem  On October 28, 2010 at 8:26 pm


    • ldive  On October 30, 2010 at 3:51 pm

      I wish Dhiraagu and Wataniyya would take heed and collaborate on a service like this!

  • star  On October 29, 2010 at 5:46 am

    : ) Oh good touching and sharing!

  • Dewdrop  On October 30, 2010 at 12:28 am

    well it indeed is touching


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